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Some Recent Customer Testimonials

5 stars yelp reviewThis review is long overdue, but better late than never! I bought a couture gown from a bridal store, and unfortunately the store where I got it has gotten less than stellar reviews regarding alterations. So after spending way too much money on a gown I wasn't about to risk bad alterations. The majority of reviews on Yelp! indicated Margaret's was the place to go for high quality wedding dress alterations so I took a leap of faith and scheduled an appointment. I could not have been happier!!!

Suse is a complete master of her craft. I was so nervous to let anyone touch my gown because of the delicate fabric and intricate beadwork and embroidery. And, it needed significant alterations because it was at least two sizes too big.

But after my first appointment with Suse I felt totally comfortable and confident that my dress was in good hands. Although everyone at Margaret's was helpful and friendly, Suse made my experience memorable. She has the perfect demeanor for working with brides, as she is sweet and welcoming, but also focussed and confident about what needs to be done. No guess-work here, she had a plan from day one. Suse shows meticulous attention to detail and really listened to what I wanted and how I wanted the dress to fit. After the first visit I got a hefty quote for the work that needed to be done, but at least I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. Despite adding a couple extra fittings because I lost a little weight before the wedding, the price didn't go up. At each fitting the dress got closer and closer to being done and you could see all the alterations taking shape.

I could not have asked for a better experience at Margaret's or been happier with the end result. My gown looked amazing on my wedding day, and you couldn't tell that it had been significantly truly looked like it was made for me. I also had Margaret's press and deliver the gown to my hotel before I arrived to get ready, and it arrived perfectly pressed and packaged, without any trouble. I would definitely recommend Margaret's to any bride!! — Danielle, San Diego (12/14/11)

5 stars yelp reviewI brought my wedding dress to Margaret's to be altered on the recommendation of a friend, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Suse was thorough, confident, and a true visionary. She took my boxy, basic dress and made it into a couture piece of art. Thank you so much ladies for your attention to detail, reassurance, and professionalism. — Maryn, San Diego (3/15/12)

5 stars yelp reviewThere simply are not enough stars for Margaret's!!!!!!

I brought my wedding gown here for what I thought would be simple alterations. After meeting with Suse, I realized I was in way over my head. I am not a seamstress--I can barely cross-stitch--and I am far from a fashionista. I also hate dressing up, and just trying on my gown in the bridal salon was enough to send me into conniptions. Suse was the exact person I needed for this job. She was funny, professional, very no-nonsense. Within seconds of zipping me up, she was pinning, measuring, taping, and tacking, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with my dress all over again.

It took three appointments to get the work done, and it really was a lot of fun watching my dress evolve into the shapeless but well-intentioned frock I had purchased into the exquisite, amazing gown it was always meant to be.

Yes, Margaret's is expensive. VERY expensive. This isn't a shop I would use for everyday alterations or dry cleaning, but this is my wedding gown we're talking about. There's only ever going to be one. I really appreciated the little touches that the staff, including Suse, added throughout the entire process. I never had to call them--they called me. As a stressed-out bride, little things like that make SUCH a difference. The less I had to think during my wedding month, the better. My dress was scheduled to be delivered between 9:00 and 10:00 at the church, and it arrived exactly at 9:30 without any problems whatsoever. Suse even gave me a sweet best-wishes card and a big hug at my final fitting--I was actually sad that it was my final meeting there!

I never thought I would have that swoon-y, princess moment when I put on my dress. And I know that it's totally played-out to say this, but when I finally did put on my dress for the ceremony, I honestly felt "like a bride." Suse had even devised a clever little system so that my maid of honor was able to bustle my train in one quick little pull! I will post photos as soon as I have them. Ladies, seriously, Margaret's is WORTH EVERY PENNY. — Laura, San Diego (6/19/11)

5 stars yelp reviewSusie is the best seamstress I have ever worked with. My wedding dress looked awesome and fit like a glove and a bridesmaid dress I had her alter because I was 18 weeks pregnant at the time of the wedding was perfect. She's quick and professional and does the job right! — Becky, San Diego (9/26/11)






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