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Luxury Wardrobe Storage & Valet Service
Available Now From Margaret's Cleaners

Margaret's is excited and proud to announce that Garde Robe of New York has selected us to be their exclusive partner on the West Coast. As a fine garment care and restoration service provider, Margaret's has seen numerous luxury wardrobes suffer the trials and tribulations of improper storage, such as damage from insects, mildew, and light fading. After considerable research, Margaret's decided that Garde Robe's storage and management services are the perfect solution to prevent challenging and costly restoration of finer wardrobes. Additional unique and desirable Garde Robe services are also offered, including an on-line inventory "cyber closet" and luggage-free valet service.

Garde Robe Cyber ClosetFounded in New York in 2001, Garde Robe is the world's first luxury garment storage, valet and Cyber Closet service. Each item in Garde Robe's care is professionally photographed and cataloged to create a personal Cyber Closet accessible via the internet. Designed for fashion devotees with impeccable wardrobes, collectors of treasured irreplaceable garments and memorabilia, residents with inadequate closet space, business travelers, globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers, Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient wardrobe management services. Professional studio photography, complimentary pick-up and delivery, luggage packing and shipping services, closet organization, and many additional thoughtful garment care and valet services are also provided to Garde Robe clients. As a member of Garde Robe you will enjoy 24/7 visual access to your Cyber Closet, uncluttered closets year-round, worldwide access to all items in Garde Robe's care, the convenience of traveling without having to pack or carry a suitcase, and peace of mind knowing your precious wardrobe and collectable items are being handled and cared for by experts.   

Garde Robe is no longer an exclusive luxury available only to New York City residents. The partnership between Margaret's and Garde Robe of New York brings the finest wardrobe storage and management services to Southern California and Las Vegas residents, designers and businesses.

It was a natural fit in the making. The addition of Garde Robe's storage and wardrobe management services to Margaret's high level of garment and accessory care has resulted in the most complete wardrobe service offered in the nation. With comprehensive facilities on both the East and West Coasts and convenient nationwide courier service, the logistic complications of wardrobe management for multiple home residents, as well as frequent travelers, just became a lot easier.

Garde Robe BrochurePlease view the on-line brochure describing Garde Robe services as well as some of their customer testimonials. If you or a friend is interested in learning more about Garde Robe, please call us at at 888-GARDE11 (888-427-3311) or visit

We look forward to assisting you with all your wardrobe service and management needs.


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Chuck Horst
President Garde Robe West




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