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Cartoons and Photos

Fuzz Balls Cartoon
Margaret's recommends the use of a "fuzz comb" for the above instead!

BC Comic of Definition of De-crease

Church sign about dry cleaners

Balford Dry Cleaners "drop your pants" sign

Shopping in Paris...

My sister and I spent two weeks in Paris. The locals obviously hated Americans. No matter where we went, we were subjected to rude behavior from waiters, store clerks, pedestrians, etc. After a while it started to irritate us.

One day while we were there, my sister went shopping. She entered a store and started looking around. She was the only customer in the store. As she was looking through racks of very nice clothes, an employee confronted her very abruptly asked if he could help her. My sister was used to this bad treatment by now and she politely declined his help. She continued to look through the clothes. Then she noticed that every clerk in the store was staring at her.

Defiantly, she continued to look through the clothes. When she couldn't take the treatment any longer, she turned on her heels, with her head held high, and left the shop. As she exited the front door she glanced over her shoulder for one last look at the shop so she'd remember where it was and avoid it in the future...and noticed the sign above the door which read "Dry Cleaners".

Signs Seen...

At a Dry Cleaners...

"Drop your pants here for best results."

At a Maternity Clothes Shop...

"We are Open on Labor Day"

At a Laundromat...

"Automatic washing machines. Please remove
all your clothes when the light goes out."

Notice in a Dry Cleaner's Window...

"Anyone leaving their garments here for more
than 30 days will be disposed of."

The Cleaner Competition

Three dry cleaning companies all did business on the same block of the city, and the competition was very fierce indeed. One day, in an effort to bolster its reputation, one of the companies put up a big neon sign:
Best Dry Cleaners in the City

Two weeks went by, and the store DID get more business, to the detriment of the other two stores. So the second company put up an even bigger, fancier sign:
Best Dry Cleaners in the World

Two weeks went by, and the second store stole some business. The the last company put up a modest little sign, after which it gained by far, the lion's share of the business:

Best Dry Cleaners on the Block


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