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  • F.A.Q : Garment Care (General)



    1. My pants are 98% cotton and 2% Lycra. The label says "dry clean only." Is this really the only way to clean them?
    2. What kind of deodorant should I use to keep from staining my new short sleeved polyesther dresses?
    3. Can I cut the annoying care labels from my garments?
    4. What if I don't clean it right away?
    5. What if it looks clean?
    6. Can you give me some basic care tips?
    7. What can be done if it says do not dryclean?
    8. Can I hand wash a dry clean only garment?
    9. What is the proper procedure for hand washing?
    10. What about using club soda for stain removal?
    11. What do I do in case of a stain emergency?
    12. Why can't you just select the care method based on the material a garment is made of?

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    Margaret's Cleaners, Americas Finest Cleaner, and Southern California's Only Certified Couture Cleaner, services all your dry cleaning needs in Southern California, with delivery thoughout San Diego and Orange Counties. We have locations in La Jolla, Del Mar and Newport Beach. Specialists in gown cleaning and pressing, bridal alterations, wedding gown preservation, purse and handbag cleaning, drapery and curtain cleaning, and cleaning your finest household items. In addition, with over 50 years of experience, you can trust Margaret's to clean your finest couture and designer garments.