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Gown preservationLegacy Gown PreservationTM:

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Other Services and Information (top)

We would like to be your source for information of all types concerning your coming wedding. The combined experience of our bridal coordinators has given them the opportunity to connect with a wide variety of service providers who specialize in all coordinators, bridal boutiques, DJ's, florists, event planners, transportation, some of the beautiful places to hold a wedding or reception in Southern California. We are constantly adding to our list of service providers and links you'll find below.

Note: We welcome your suggestions on any service providers you know of that we can add to our list! Please email us a link to their website or a contact person you've used! Click Here to Email Your Suggestions

Christening Gowns (top)ChristeningGown

Margaret's Cleaners can also preserve your child's christening gown. The procedures used are exactly the same as when we perform bridal gown preservation. The archival methods wil make it possible for another young child to use it for that special event in their life.

Note on Christening Gowns: As with all preservations, the sooner you bring us the gown after the event the more assurance you'll have that it will be beautiful for its next use.

Margarets restored split gownRestoration (top)

Restoration of antique gowns passed down from a previous bride is one of our specialties! Margaret's Cleaners is San Diego's only Certified Restoration Laboratory. The proprietary processes we use through our Vintage Textile Restoration service are the most advanced techniques available for restoring yellowed gowns to their original color.

Restoration Note: The image you see here is our famous "split gown", where we literally cut an old, yellowed gown in half, restored one half and then sewed it back together to illustrate the "before/after" difference!

Textile Preservation (top)

MargaretsVintageTextile restorationPreservation is not only performed on wedding gowns. Margaret's Cleaners Vintage Textile Restoration frequently restores and preserves christening gowns and various types of family heirlooms such as your grandmother's custom handmade lace tablecloth. Bring it in and show us what you have. We can evaluate it with regard to our ability to restore it and preserve it for your use at special events.

Pricing (top)

The cost of preserving your gown varies depending on its complexity and the type of fabric. We'll be happy to give you a price as soon as we see it.

Pricing Note: Allowing your gown to sit around for a while after the wedding without being cleaned will probably add to the cost of preservation. Frequently, there are invisible stains present which could cause issues the longer the gown is stored.

Photo Gallery (top)

Our Margaret's Photo Gallery will have a collection of several images of gowns from Felicity Couture, Allyson Simon Brides, and L'ezu Atelier, as well as some photos of what your preserved gown box looks like.( New Photo Gallery Bridal Pages coming soon.)

Bridal Emergency!! (top)

Caution: Lipstick, cake & Wine may be
hazardous for your gown!

No matter how careful you are, you are very likely to end up with one of these three stains on your gown. And if it is not something you spill yourself, one of your friends or family may spill it for you! Still another common hazard is grease from a car door. You may never before have worn something with such a full skirt, and it is very easy for you or someone else to forget to check that every part of your gown is inside the car before the door closes.

If something DOES stain your gown, take a deep breath and try to remember that everyone around you is NOT looking at that spot, no matter how SURE you are about it! They are focused on YOU this special day! But if you are the kind of bride who just CANNOT put something like this "aside" and enjoy the day anyway, you may want to think ahead about how to prepare for this type of emergency:

First, is your gown made out of silk? Satin is a weave, not a fiber, so satin can be either Silk or an artificial fiber. In any case, Silk and Rayon are water-sensitive so you have to be much more careful about what you put on the stain than if your gown is made from an artificial fiber, such as Polyester.

Second, there are three types of stains, those that are:
    •  Water soluble (wine, coffee, or blood),
    •  NOT water soluble (lipstick or grease),
    •  Contain BOTH water soluble and non-water soluble materials (frosting contains both sugar & butter)

Someone at the reception can always find water or club soda to dampen a napkin or soft towel that you can use for wine or coffee spills on polyester gowns ONLY. On silk gowns, all you can do is blot with a dry cloth. Bbe careful not to rub too hard — especially on silk. But a safe treatment for greasy stains is often hard to find in an emergency. Plan to have someone in your wedding party carry something for you so you'll be prepared for an "accident."

Margarets Emergency KitMargaret's Cleaners has created the Bridal Emergency Kit which contains a nice grabbag of sewing, first aid, spot cleaning aids, an assortment of personal care items, and a booklet of Tips, designed just for brides. In addition to the "emergency" items, there are 2 Gift Certificates for services at Margaret's Cleaners ($25 for pre-wedding, PLUS $35 for post-wedding — a $60 value!). The Kit is available at any Margaret's location for only $19.95. (Gift Certificates not valid with any other offer.)

If your gown is an artificial fiber, such as polyester, the little packets of wipes used for babies or for hands are small enough to carry in a handbag.

If you forgot to carry an emergency treatment with you, in a pinch you can always camouflage spots with something white, and relatively harmless, such as baking soda, cornstarch or baby powder. White-out and shoe polish are rather tricky, and definitely NOT recommended for silk gowns! And whlie you are thinking about preparing for an emergency, you should know that the single most common problem on the wedding day is a broken bustle loop! Remember to pin a few safety pins into the underside of your gown!

Enjoy your day with confidence!

Preferred Service Providers (top)

Trust your heirloom gown to the exquisite care of Margaret's Cleaners and their Legacy Gown Preservation service. Margaret's is a preferred service provider to many bridal shops, wedding coordinators, prestigious resorts, and couture designers including:

Other Bridal Links & Service Providers (top)

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A complete listing of all the San Diego area members of the Association

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A great resource for finding bridal resources in your area.

Bridal Bazaar

Links to vendors who have exibited at Bridal Bazaars as well as schedules of upcoming events of interest to brides.

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Resource links for wedding planning and party services of all types.

The Prado at Balboa Park

One of our preferred vendors for Balboa Park weddings and receptions.

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Wedding Gazette

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Wired Fitness Bridal Fitness Program

Customized fitness programs to make sure you and your bridesmaids look your best on your big day!



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