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Juicy Couture Purse Before and After

Recapture Your “Relationship”!
We know how much you invested in your favorite purse or handbag. Margaret’s created the tooling, techniques and procedures needed to clean, maintain and even restore its original appearance.


Pulito Purse ServiceWith our superior Pulito Purse Service™, we clean and detail purses, handbags, travel bags, wallets and even luggage, to restore their original showroom-fresh look and feel. Full service repair is also available through Nuovo Expert Leather Repair service.“Pulito” means “clean” in Italian. Let Margaret’s Pulito Purse Service™ care for your purse next time it needs a face lift!

We Have the Experience

Dior Purse Cleaning Margaret’s Cleaners is North America’s largest and most experienced purse cleaner. Have you forgotten what that special handbag looked like the day you brought it home? We can help you remember! Below are some of the designer labels we work with regularly.

 Burberry  Gucci  Louis Vuitton
 Chanel  Hermes  Nicole Miller
 Christian Dior  Isabella Fiore  Prada
 Coach  Juicy Couture  Yves Saint Laurent
 Eric Javits  Loro Piana  And Many More

Cleaning Procedure

Prada Purse cleaningProfessional purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand and requires skill and experience. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction material, type and extent of soil. Your handbag cleaning specialist must know how to deal with a great variety of fabrics, as well as the proper cleaning of leather and suede purses. A typical shoe repair company is not equipped to address the varied materials and types of soil found on most purses.

Purse cleaning procedures may include the following:

•  Individual stain removal
•  Hand clean outer surfaces
•  Hand clean lining
•  Hand clean strap and hardware
•  Dye rejuvenation (if applicable)
•  Steam finishing
•  Stain repellant (if desired)
•  Packaging (a breathable purse
storage bag is included with every order)


Restoration of a vintage or damaged purse or luggage may be preferred to replacement. Restoration techniques include extensive cleaning, dying, stitching, and material or hardware replacement.

It’s Easy!

Coach Purse Cleaning Bring your purse in to one of our three locations or include it with your delivery cleaning order. You may also mail it to our CleanByMail service. If requested, we will provide a cost estimate before we begin work.

Price Considerations

Pricing variables include size, construction material, whether there are trims of contrasting materials, how soiled it is, and whether it requires repairs. Please email us and request our price schedule for guidelines on the cost for various types of items. Or you may visit this on line form and submit an estimate for your handbag.

Purse Care & Storage Tips

•   Never store your purses in the bottom of a closet. Leather is hygroscopic & will absorb the excess moisture (especially on slab floors), which causes mold & mildew.

•   Avoid storing purses in plastic bags.  Use breathable fabric bags to protect from dust & control moisture damage. Consider Margaret’s custom manufactured purse storage bags available at our stores.

Other Purse Services Include:

Factotum Leather RepairFor purses that have damages clasps, linings or straps and require repair we exclusively offer Nuovo Leather Repair™ Service for those extra needs. Repairs include strap replacement, hardware repair, relining, and more.

Clean by MailOutside San Diego, Orange County, or Beverly Hills area, consider our nationwide CleanByMail™ service.



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